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Fezhm is a company with more than 10 years of experience, we are dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and sales of building formwork and molds for concrete precast components. We have designed more than 600,000 square meters of aluminum alloy building formwork, and provided customers with more than 30 PPVC fully automatic hydraulic molds from 2022.


We have always maintained our passion for innovation, persistence in technology, commitment to customers, social responsibility, sustainable development and optimal use of resources.

Our company produces fully automatic hydraulic molds for PPVC. Each mold is equipped with more than 32 hydraulic cylinders. All actions are completed automatically. The mold operation time required for each PPVC production is no more than 8 minutes. This achievement is very challenging all over the world. This means that my customers can save almost all labor and time on mold operations. Each PPVC can save at least 50% of labor costs and at least 4 hours of production cycle.


In addition, the molds for the precast concrete stairs produced by our company can be adjusted in terms of step width, step height, stair slab thickness, stair width, rest platform length and thickness, and number of steps, and can be applied to almost all prefabricated projects. Concrete stair components greatly save my customers’ equipment investment.

Mahmoud: "I learned about almost all PPVC mold manufacturers and finally chose Fezhm. Because I am a mechanical engineer and very experienced in mechanical design and manufacturing. When I first saw the fully automatic PPVC mold produced by Fezhm Regarding the information on hydraulic molds, I thought this was my most ideal choice. After I exchanged all the technical parameters and details about the molds with LiuHao of Fezhm, Fzhm’s professionalism, rigorousness, rich experience and what I gathered during the project implementation The real data made me confirm my choice." "I always pay attention to your success, I am proud to know you, it is my honor, I met a creator who loves to develop."


Mr Zhao: "My boss asked me to buy the most advanced mold. Fezhm is the most advanced mold I can find in China, and Fezhm makes me feel very professional and responsible. As of today, my mold is working More than 700 days, the quality is very stable and reliable, it makes my factory work easy and efficient. I am now preparing for the second PPVC factory, of course, I will continue to choose Fezhm."

Maria: “After learning about Fezhm’s molds, our company’s partners and management engineers traveled halfway around the world to inspect the construction sites where Fezhm’s molds are being used. I am very grateful to Fezhm for its attention, dedication, time and sharing of valuable knowledge to the engineers. and experience. The engineer came back very satisfied with the trip. We are looking forward to it and hope to start working together soon.”

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